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Lisa Frankestein Cake by Corrie Rasmussen. Based on a threadless shirt design.

Forest lying beneath the waters of Lake Traful, Argentina. These trees used to stand on the hillside of Bayo Hill, or Alto Mahuida, when in the 1960’s a landslide ripped them from their location with rocks and all and they landed on the bottom of the lake. 


Saturn’s Rings at Maximum Tilt

In March 2003, Saturn’s rings were at maximum tilt toward Earth, a special event occurring every 15 years. With the rings fully tilted, astronomers get the best views of the planet’s Southern Hemisphere. They took advantage of the rings’ unique alignment by using Hubble to capture some stunning images.

Credit: NASA, ESA, E. Karkoschka, G. Bacon (STScI)

Saturn is actually made out of funfetti cake mix~